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Southwest Airline Pays Extra for Vaccinated Staffs 

Southwest Airline announced on Thursday to offer bonuses to the employees who show proof ofvaccination. United Airlines showed that 90 percent of its employees have received coronavirus vaccines. United Airlines imposed a rule that either employees chose to get vaccinated or lose their job and the deadline given was September 27.

 Kate Gebo, United’s executive vice president for human resources said that safety is the top priority of the entire united family. That is the reason behind the mandate of vaccination. Getting vaccinated is the most important thing everybody can do to protect ourselves and the people working around us from covid 19.

Many other Airline companies like Frontier Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have made vaccine shots mandatory. American Airlines and Southwest are depending on the bonus such as extra vacation days or gift cards. Southwest added incentive: 16 hours of pay for employees who provide proof of vaccination to the company by Nov. 15. The Southwest Airline added that the vaccination is not mandatory for Delta Air Lines employees but after November 15 the Unvaccinated ones must pay $200 to the company. The company also started the testing program this week.

Southwest Airline added that as of Nov. 16, unvaccinated employees would not qualify for a program that renders employees up to 10 days of wages if they become infected or must isolate after being in close contact with someone who is infected.

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